Testing and Certification

The following section contains a Summary of examination methods and results from tests conducted on PENETRON system treated concrete. These tests, conducted by independent, accredited laboratories from around the world including the UK,s DWI & BBA laboratories demonstrate the remarkable efficacy of the PENETRON system to meet or exceed a wide range of physical and chemical performance criteria. Copies of the full test report documents are available upon request.
Please contact your PENETRON representative.

Test Reports and certificates available

A) Penetron 35 page Test Report

B) DWI Approval for Penetron Admixture. Certificate of Product Conformity

C) DWI Advice Sheet No 7 section 2.1 referring to the use of Admixtures

D) DWI Approval for Penetron surface applied waterproof coating

E) DWI Approval for Penecrete Mortar